Bev’s Research in Teacher Education

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Preservice Teachers Defining and Redefining Reading and the Teaching of Reading

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This qualitative study was developed to explore changing beliefs about literacy teaching and learning in the context of one required introductory English Language Arts course.

Exploring the use of interest inventories with elementary students: A rich foundation for literacy curriculum making

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An undergraduate class of students in Education examines their application of interest inventories in preservice teaching contexts.

Teacher recommendations for Reading-Education components of B.Ed. programs

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This qualitative case study explores the recommendations of 69 elementary teachers related to B.Ed. coursework in reading instruction.

The metacognitive reading strategies of five early readers

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This study followed five children, fluently reading prior to formal instruction in grade 1, in order to identify metacognitive strategies at work and the caregiver-child interactions that may have supported these strategies.

photo of Bev with class of students in 1984

Bev’s Early Years Teaching: 1984