Picture Books

The Girl with the Cat by Beverley Brenna

The Girl with the Cat

Winner of the 2022 G. Murray & Edna Forbes Foundation Children’s Literature Award, Saskatchewan Book Awards

“Brenna’s storyline and word choice, in combination with Kerrigan’s realistic illustrations, make The Girl with the Cat award-worthy…Highly Recommended.”

— CM Magazine

“5+/5… I love everything about this book! It is beautiful in both the story and the illustrations.”

— Youth Services Book Review

Daddy Longlegs at Birch Lane by Beverley Brenna

Daddy Longlegs at Birch Lane

“The story gives an interesting and nicely detailed overview of the life cycle of a daddy longlegs. Useful for elementary natural history/science lessons as well as for storytimes.”

School Library Journal

“Highly recommended. Our preschoolers really enjoyed listening to and learning from this book.”

— Richardson Independent School District, Texas