Olive and Olivia - Summary

Olive and Olivia

Olive and Olivia is a middle-grade novel of 35 000 words and 31 chapters. Olive (Ol) is almost eleven and moving from Pittsburgh to a new life in Georgia after her darling Grand has died. Thanks to a parrot named Texas Feather and a line-up of new friends, Ol might survive if her much older sister, now her guardian, would just listen to reason. But Olivia has a mind of her own and a complicated secret that even Ol can’t guess. As the novel unfolds, Ol must learn to face Olivia’s racist viewpoints, as well as her secret, with a new sort of courage. A poignant, contemporary story for ages 9 and up, Olive and Olivia is about learning to fix what we can, to find peace in the midst of turmoil, and to conquer the darkness wherever it may fall.