Speaking Engagements

Keynote Addresses

Dr. Bev Brenna will negotiate topics for keynote speeches within her range of scholarly and professional interests including literacy, children’s literature, and special education.

Bev is a published author of over a dozen fiction books for children and young adults, in addition to holding numerous credits for adult short stories and poetry. Literary awards/honours for her work include the Printz Honor Award (American Library Association) and a Dolly Gray Award (Council for Exceptional Children: Division of Autism and Developmental Disabilities). In 2013, her young adult novel The White Bicycle was shortlisted for a Governor General's Award. Her writing often illuminates characters whose voices have previously been unheard, and her understanding of exceptionality translates into new first-person voices within a social justice framework.

She is a professor in Curriculum Studies at the University of Saskatchewan where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in children's literature and English Language Arts. Prior to working at the university, Bev worked as an elementary classroom teacher, a special education teacher, and a consultant for exceptional learning needs. Her academic book Stories for Every Classroom: Canadian Fiction Portraying Characters with Disabilities (Canadian Scholars Press, spring, 2015) contains a comprehensive look at the contemporary landscape of children's literature, addressing picture books, junior novels, intermediate novels, and young adult novels through a description of patterns and themes, annotated bibliographies, and connections to critical literacy teaching frameworks.

For more information on Bev's work, please see www.beverleybrenna.com and her University of Saskatchewan profile page.